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HR are the 'agents of change'

Why HR are the 'agents of change' that can drive the sustainability agenda within their organisation

What are you doing as an HR agent of change to make it happen? 

At Pathway to Carbon Zero we are passionate about supporting our customers to build and implement an impactful sustainability strategy. 

Pathway to carbon zero infographic

This is the decade of action. It's never been more urgent for the private/public sector and civil society to come together to drive adoption of sustainable practices to mitigate the risk of climate change. 

The message is clear for business adopting a comprehensive sustainability strategy, they are:

  • Differentiating their brand to attract new and retain existing customers.
  • Creating a long-term business outlook that is attractive to investors.
  • Cutting costs by driving efficiencies and innovation to streamline operations. 
  • Attracting new talent and retaining the best by being a purpose-led organisation.
  • Driving innovation that stays ahead of the ever-changing regulation and compliance requirements.

"60% of employees want their employers to do more"

HR representatives are perfectly placed to become the sustainability agents of change. Why? 

  • They have a touch point across every part of business from operations to leadership.
  • They can integrate sustainability training into leadership/employees through existing L&D programmes.
  • HR can integrate sustainability into the hiring/onboarding process, ensuring a baseline of sustainability skills are embedded in every business function.
  • HR can play a pivotal role in the investment structure of their companies' pension portfolio and influence ethical decision making.
  • HR teams can harness and nurture cross generational voices within their business, enabling a diversity of thought to empower employees to drive impact with sustainability initiatives. 

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