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"We’ve signed Pathway to Carbon Zero as a trusted supplier to provide carbon reduction consultancy services to our Microsoft Partner eco-system throughout the UK, forming part of own ESG strategy and our commitment to reducing our Scope 3 carbon footprint."

Senior Vice President Cloud Services Michael Frisby

"By engaging with Pathway to Carbon Zero we have been able to understand where we need to make positive changes within our business to support our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and challenge our sustainability across all areas of the business. We are now operating from a site which uses 30% less materials. We are looking forward to continuing to create new innovative processes to help us drive change to meet our stakeholders’ ambitions as well as our own"

Operations Director Monique

"Achieving Net Zero carbon emissions is one of the best ways to tackle climate change and our impact on our environment. As we move forward, this partnership with Pathway to Carbon Zero will help us consider further how we can minimise our impact on our environment for future generations. We know that the actions we take now, and as our business grows, are important to our future."

Gatewen Training Services owner Julian Hughes